Dialog International Film Festival

November-January Honorable Mentions

Best Black&White Film

Detective Stories
Directed by: Graham Pike

Best Comedy

Directed by: Rob DiNinni, Jeffrey Palmer

Best Horror

Buena Suerte Senora Muerte
Directed by: Ryan Barney

Best Drama

Vivid Souls
Directed by: VINCENT TISSIER, Albi Neziri

Best Cinematography

Going the Distance
Directed by: Mick Bongiovi

Best Producer

Ascension To Love
Directed by: AnayaMusic

Best Dance Video

…what it feels like
Directed by: Kelly Hargraves

Best First-Time Director

Grinders Feature
Directed by: Andrew Heller

Best Original Screenplay

Robot Asteroid
Written by: Paul May

Best Unproduced Screenplay

The Dead Chip Syndicate
Written by: Andrew W. Pearson

Best Short Screenplay

The Ride
Written by: Alysha Haran

Best Feature Screenplay

The Deputy
Written by: Paul Corricelli

Best Animation

Yellow Dove Aftermath
Directed by: Rony A. Abovitz

Best Short Film Director

Yellow Dove Aftermath
Directed by: Rony A. Abovitz

Best Micro Short Film

Challenging moments
Directed by: Borna Armanini

Best Feature Documentary Film

The Neighborhood Storyteller
Directed by: Alejandra Alcala

Best Short Documentary Film

Directed by: Robert Jones

Best Experimental Feature Film

Haruan: The Snakehead
Directed by: Razli Dalan

Best Music Video

The ENIGMA Men — Marquis Of Vaudeville
Directed by: Toby Lawhon, Geneva Arena

Best Experimental Short Film

Pit & Pendulum
Directed by: J. Aldric Gaudet

Best Short Film

Talking to a survivor
Directed by: Milena Olip